Mahogany Tree


Mahogany Tree (Swietnia Mahogani)

  • Requires regular watering
  • Prefers partial to full sunlight usually
  • 30-40 foot tall
  • Small, fragrant inconspicuous flowers
  • Native

Mahogany has the potential to get 75 ft tall with a trunk diameter in excess of 2 ft, but such large trees are very rare. Most mahoganies are no more than 30-40 ft tall with 20-30 ft canopy spreads. You still can see fairly large specimens of this tropical beauty in its natural habitat in Mahogany Hammock in Everglades National Park, and in the North Key Largo State Botanical Site. Mahogany is widely planted as a street and shade tree in South Florida.

Mahogany is a semi-deciduous tree which loses its old leaves at the end of winter just as the new growth is beginning. It may be leafless for only a week or two. Mahogany produces small, fragrant, rather inconspicuous flowers on the years new growth as the leaves are emerging, and both male and female flowers are produced on the same tree.

Mahogany is a popular avenue, shade and framing tree in tropical South Florida. It often is used in parks and commercial landscapes, and around parking lots. On streets they usually are planted about 30 ft apart. Mahogany casts only a light shadow and does not discourage grass and other plantings beneath it.