Hibiscus (Double Red)


Hibiscus - Double Red

  • Medium to high water
  • High sunlight
  • Usually seen around 5 - 10 ft, however can get up to 15 ft
  • Flowers all year in Florida
  • Not native

The hibiscus is one of the most sought after flowering plants in Florida. They come in a variety of colors & sizes & can also be found in both bush and tree form. When selecting a hibiscus, keep in mind that they require a bit of care. They should have at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight every day, and they prefer soils high in organic matter. Until the hibiscus is well established, they require lots of water. Once established, they can tolerate both dry & moist conditions, as long as their soil drains well. A good flowering fertilizer is recommended a couple times a year, as the hibiscus blooms all year in south Florida.

Hibiscus bushes are divided into two main categories: tropical flowering hibiscus & hardy flowering hibiscus. The tropical hibiscus that grows in south Florida (zone 9 & 10) is not winter hardy & can not survive cooler climates. The hardy hibiscus can be found as far as zones 3 & 4, which is near the Midwest & New England states. Tropical hibiscus will not tolerate more than one or two nights of cool weather, and a hard frost could easily kill the plant. They much prefer sunny, warm & humid tropical climates.